Istanbul Butoh Program

Formally Novi Sad, Serbia | August 5 – August 30 (+ September)

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM (1 1/2 hour lunch break in-between).

The Istanbul program consists of the three guides of Butoh Lantern ( Julie, Adam, and Ozerk), so each day will consist of Noguchi Taiso, Butoh, and improvisational dance study in both a studio & outdoors environment. Every Friday, we will turn what we learned throughout the week into live theatre.

WED 10:30 – 12:30 – Julie | 2 – 4 Ozerk
THURS 10:30 – 12:30 Adam | 2 – 4 Ozerk
FRI 10:30 – 12 Julie | 2 – 4 Adam
SAT 10:30 – 12 Adam | 2 – 4 Ozerk
SUN 10:30 – 12 Julie | 2 – 4 Adam or Ozerk

Live class with Zoom! The entire course will also air live on Zoom for two sessions per day as Julie, Adam, and Ozerk have individual classes throughout the week. Each class length is 2 hours.

Butoh Jam Saturday/Sundays: We will have a butoh jam every weekend where any musicians or general public are free to attend.

Depending on how well the month of August goes determines if we go forth with September as well.

The idea behind this project is to increase accessibility to Turkish nationals by keeping the fee as low as possible. The funds coming in from non-nationals and zoom will support the space so that any determined Turkish national can more easily study the art form, and so we can keep developing programs like this in the future.

Turk (& Serb) National cost: 125 Euros per month.

Non-Turk cost: 500 Euros per month.

Zoom cost: 10 Euros per class (2 hours) or 15 Euros per whole day (2 classes, 4 hours)

Important Note: Class size is limited to 15 participants. Those committed to 1+ month have priority. Those desiring less time will be placed on a waiting list. 1 week minimum.

Studio space details: This is a 60 square meter studio with a wooden floor.

Registration deadline: None. First come, first serve basis. Limited space.

Housing is separate and we recommend that participants search for housing among themselves in order to share the cost of the space.

Budget accommodation option: For a small fee, people can open the mats and use them on the studio. The studio is equipped with kitchen, bathroom, and WIFI.



Butoh Lantern is a performance and teaching project created by Adam Koan of Shadowbody, Julie Becton Gillum of Asheville Butoh Collective, and Özerk Sonat Pamir.

The idea rose out of a friendship carved by continuity, creativity and support in the face of shock and driving through unknown forces over which we had little power or control.

By continuing to collaborate, teach and perform throughout this debacle, the three of us became a tight-knit group. Our vigilant effort to stop crime, the grief we shared and the support we gave to each other created a power between us.

We work to implement the following within the Butoh world:

(1) A universal ethics & the breaking of silence, with a zero tolerance for abuse, especially to women and children.

(2) A culture of coexistence through dance, which increases the demographic & reaches out to those that are marginalized due to finances, age, gender & ability.

(3) A research into the aesthetics of sustainability & necessity.

(4) A re-communication between natural-urban & emotional ecosystems.